We are building the future of frontline operations.

Over 70% of the world’s labor force is made up of deskless workers. To date frontline team have only limited access to digital tools and often feel alienated from their office counterparts.

Our Mission is to close that gap. We are bringing frontline teams and decision makers closer to empower them to achieve their goals together.

Founding Team

Maurice Zomorrodi

Business Development

Niklas Dehio


Melchior Schramm


Amelie Riedesel

Founders Associate


We are very greatful to be backed by some of the the best investors in Germany. Their guidance and active support on our journey made a huge difference.

Daniel Krauss

Founder @ Flixbus

André Schwämmlein

Founder @ Flixbus

Jochen Engert

Founder @ Flixbus

Estelle Merle

Founder @ Topi

Charlotte Pallua

Founder @ Topi

Peter Otto

Founding Member @ Condeco

Philipp Kreibohm

Founder @ Home24

Just Beyer

CCO @ kfzteile24

Lukas Brosseder

Founder @ PlusDental

Eric Ebert

Founder @ Wando

Oliver Roskopf

Former Head of Marketing Zalando

Robert Maier

Former Partner @ HV Capital

Ference Brose

CTO @ DataGuard

Nazanin Daneshvar

Co-Founder @Takhfifan

Florian Bennholt

Former CEO of Symbior Solar

Christian Stiebner

Investor @ KFW Capital

Fritz Strempel

Strategist & Advisor

Rob Schuhmacher

Founder @ Feather

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